What is Tin Plate ...

Tin Plate is a material widely used for making Cans and Containers etc., because of its pleasing hygienic surface combined with excellent combines with excellent corrosion and rust resistance, soldering and printing ability.

We have the most advance production technology. Electrolytic Tin Plates, supplied by ITAM, USA, Processing the highest quality of Primary and Food-Grade Tin Plate according to world standard quality.

Our Electrolytic Tin plate is widely accepted by the leading Ghee, Vegetable Oil manufacturing units in Pakistan.

It is also used in quality packaging of tea, cookies, sweets, dates, gift boxes, paints, aerosol cans, juices, beverages, dairy products, food cans, fuel & air filters and many more.

Our Tin Plate Unit has capacity to produce 120,000 metric tons of Tin plate per annum.



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